Dizzy Dress® 2017 ...... BRB!

Dizzy® Faves

When you're in a Dizzy Dress® you just gotta! Gotta spin, gotta jump, gotta move, gotta dance! Pick your favourite Dizzy Dress® from Dizzy® Faves. Promises to 'turn' any situation, even the boringest, snoringest of them all -- like mommy's 'quickie' bank errand, lunch at grandma's, little bro's dental appointment -- into something quite spectacular.  Enjoy (-:




Canada, Australia and Asia too! ______ Your daughter wants to wear her Disney princess polyester number out to lunch AGAIN?? Mine likes to wear her sparkly Barbie NIGHTGOWN in public. Sometimes inside out. Always belted. Possibly accessorised with stickers. Well the insanity ends here. No more battles, no more bribes, your daughter will WANT to wear THE DIZZY DRESS®. Complete with seamless, full-circle skirts for turbo twirly power. Loads of stretch, means loads of fun AND loads of growing room. Never mass-produced! Each Dizzy Dress® is lovingly made by master seamstresses, happy engineers who know all about twirling. Created by a mom with still a little dizzy left in her. Ok, lots.

Made in Manila!